How to Unblock YouTube?

YouTube is river of knowledge for many people all over the world because it contains many videos related to every discipline of life whether its entertainment, education, business etc. The videos are from common to professional videos uploaded by a common man to a professional for sake of providing information on various topics.

1 – Reason of Banning YouTube

Despite of such positive aspects of this website, it has been blocked in various parts of the world for many reasons. Apart from this, any organization or country’s government temporarily block it because of various reasons. In many Muslim countries including Pakistan, Iran, China YouTube is completely blocked because of inappropriate and offensive material. Similarly, schools and colleges block YouTube to deny access to all gaming and entertainment websites.

However, it has become necessity of life so people try to unblock it through various sites.  You tube entails a unique feature as it is a platform where videos can be created, uploaded and shared. These videos are not officials but anyone can use upload it from around the globe. Though, some vulgar and uncensored content is also available on the internet which is destructive for young children especially under age of 18. So, the website is mostly block to restrict children to watch such content which is morally and ethically wrong. Thus, government or parents they often block it to limit their children watch these videos online.

2 – Unblock through VPN Services

The restriction can be crossed by using different proxy sites on internet and the VPN is most important server for this. The VPN stands for virtual private network which connects the entire networks on internet. Connecting to VPN automatically, you join your system to their private network through which you can send and receive data. The proxy site which open or unblock YouTube for us basically provides us free VPN Services. Hotspot shield, private tunnel, express VPN and surfing tunnel are highly voted VPN services where the YouTube can be open without any software.

The method is to open the “Network and Sharing” form your control panel to connect with VPN server. Then, “Set up a new connection or network” and when the new window comes click on the “Connect to the Workplace.” Select the first option “Use my internet connection VPN” and enter internet address and destination form the internet which are UK base or USA base settings. Then it will connect with your VPN and when you get start it will show you try to visit any page. But before accepts the terms& conditions to get started.

3 – Web-Based Proxy Websites

However, there are web-based proxy servers like,, and, etc.

4 – Use of Browser Add-Ons

Sometimes even accessing to the VPN services, you cannot open YouTube because it has browser add-ons known as ActiveX controls, toolbars or browser extensions because it cause your computer stop responding the content you do not want to add like pop-up ads. Similarly, these can be use to block YouTube so disabling these add-ons you can unblock the website.

Now you know that how by the help of YouTube proxy you can enjoy the content on the site by accessing it easily.

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